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Twist of the Shadow

Posted by the_true_aesar on 2006.09.12 at 21:49
Broderic stared at the solid bars of light that were being cast across his arms and dirty trousers, the sun mocking him through the wooden staves of his cage. He closed his eyes and tried at it again. It was still there...the "cage" that really mattered. He felt along its slippery wall to its strongest point. He instinctively knew that was where they held their "shield." That was the word the brown haired one had used. How appropriate.

He opened his eyes slowly and glared at the two women seated ahead of him. He watched them through his bars as his cage bumped and jostled along the stoney uneven road. He had never known such desperation. He could still feel it...just beyond that impenetrable barrier, like an underground river rushing beneath his feet. The raw power of Saidin made his mouth water and his eyes roll nervously in his head. Had he already gone mad??


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