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Still Nothing...

Posted by elusivebreath on 2006.09.26 at 17:22
It was dusk, but Isabella hardly noticed. She had her bent over a stack of papers, rifling through them for something that might help her. A slight noise caused her to jerk her head up and glance at the tent flap behind her. Nothing ... it must have been the wind. Still, she realized that she had been in Alyra Sedai's tent too long; the Blue Sister would be back from the fool's errand Isabella had sent her on any moment. Of course, Alyra didn't know that it was Isabella who had sent the novice with the false summons to training area, and she was unlikely to suspect her, since they had never met. Alayra was a Sitter for the Blue Ajah, and the one person that Danae most often mentioned. Isabella knew it was a long shot, but she was becoming desperate. It was so unlike Danae to disappear the way she had when they reached Salidar, and Isabella knew with a certainty she couldn't explain that the other Sedai hadn't just decided to go on holiday. Something was wrong.

Straightening, she ran a hand through her unbound dark curls, stepping to the tent flap and peering out into the fading light. There were only a few people about, none of them Alyra Sedai, so she slipped out and began striding purposefully back toward her own tent. Someone had once told her that if you acted like you were supposed to be somewhere, people wouldn't question it, and she'd found this to hold true in most instances. Of course, as a novice, it only worked with people other than the Aes Sedai - they always seemed to know if you were up to no good.

Back in her own tent, she sank into the chair at the small desk she'd managed to acquire. She'd been roped into helping out while the Mistress of Novices was gone, so she needed somewhere to put the paperwork she was acquiring. Besides, she looked more imposing behind a desk than sitting on her cot. She sighed, glancing down at the newest papers to grace her desk, but not taking the time to read them. Her trip to Alyra's tent had turned up nothing. At least, nothing Isabella could use to help her find Danae. Some other things had looked like they might turn out to be interesting, but Isabella wasn't fool enough to take anything she didn't absolutely need. With the times being what they were, she imagined she'd be accused of being Black Ajah if she was caught stealing papers from another's Sister's desk. She shivered slightly. Even the thought of Black Ajah terrified her, but she had long ago come to the conclusion that pretending they didn't exist wasn't going to get her anywhere. With everything that had happened at the Tower, it was only logical to suspect that the dark Ajah really did exist.

Logic wasn't helping her now, however, and in frustration, she rose from her desk and reached for her shawl, sending a thin envelope drifting unnoticed from her desk to land just barely under her cot. Without a glance back, Isabella headed to the Tavern to take her mind off of the problems at hand.

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